What are the benefits of playing with the Zen’s marked and aligned golf balls?

 Zen’s true balance technology provides longer drives, reduced sidespin and precision putting.

What does true balance mean?

More than 99% of golf balls currently produced are made without identifying the center of gravity. During manufacturing, all golf balls have imperfections at the junction point known as extrusion. This phenomenon, if not accounted for, can adversely affect the ability of a ball to roll true and can bias its side spin in flight. Each ZEN Golf is tested using fluid dynamics to determine its exact center of gravity and the alignment line is precisely placed at that point so that the ball can be placed perfectly in balance for every shot.

How does fluid dynamics work? 

To test with fluid dynamics, we use epson salts to increase fluid density. This allows the balls to float revealing their true center of gravity. Once the true center of gravity is established each ball is marked with the alignment line.

Which ball should I play?

Every player, of any skill level, will benefit from playing the ZEN Tour IV.  The ZEN Bold benefits the majority of amateur players and is available at a lower price point and in very distinctive colors. More skilled, higher swing speed players, will gravitate to the ZEN Tour IV.

Where should I use the alignment line?

Line it up on the tees and greens and when ever you have ball in hand to ensure perfect balance.