About Us

In short, we’re a team of PGA Professionals, ex mini-tour players, and avid golfers. Many of our employees were on the PGA circuit, and the rest are on the course on a regular basis.

At Zen, we aim to present players around the world with every possible advantage. And that means the opportunity to play not just any ordinary tour ball.

Tired of hand drawing alignment lines on golf balls, we created Zen Golf to make premium golf balls that are balanced, aligned and marked to their center of gravity in the manufacturing process. Now, balanced, aligned and marked tour quality balls are available to all golfers, not just the pros.

What’s the point of an alignment line if that line isn’t balanced?

Many balls are marked with an alignment line, but if that line isn’t balanced, aligned and marked it’s useless.

Our alignment line keeps the balls heaviest point on the vertical axis when aligned on tee and green, giving you:

< longer drives

< reduced sidespin

< precision putting

Why Zen? Because we’ve found your balance, so you can go to work unleashing your pro.